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What are Yahoo Japan Auctions?

We're proud to offer access to Yahoo Auction Japan!, Japan's largest and most popular auction service. Over 30,000,000 auctions take place on Yahoo Japan every day, and among them are overseas bidders who win items valued at over $100 on bids of less than $1!

Anime, figures, trading cards, CDs, DVDs, antiques, fashion, accessories, household goods, tickets, idol/talent goods, books & manga...almost any Japanese item you're looking for can be found here!

However, figuring out Yahoo Auction from overseas can be difficult, and a Japanese bank account is also required. That's where we come in! We act on your behalf to place bids exactly as you direct us, and deliver your items safely and securely straight to your door. Now you can enjoy Yahoo Auction just as if you lived in Japan!

What is Proxy Bidding Service?

Proxy bidding, sometimes called absentee or automatic bidding, is a method for bidding in an in-person or online auction.

The way it works is the person who wants to bid on an item decides the maximum amount that he/she is willing to pay for it in advance, and tells this amount to the auction holder.

As other bids are made, the auction holder automatically increases the person's bid by pre-specified increments until his maximum amount is reached.

If the bidder is monitoring the auction, at this point he or she can give up or choose to increase his/her bid.

The reason people do this is so that they don't have to continually monitor an auction to win an item, and so they can easily bid on several items at once more.

The wrap-up of an auction can also be a hassle, with many e-mails exchanged with the seller, but we take care of that as well!

Yahoo Auction Japan's Rules

There are a few special rules to explain. For example, while the highest bidder within the auction time is usually the winner, in the case that a bid is placed within the last 10 minutes of an auction, the time is extended by ten minutes.

Like most Japanese auctions, Yahoo! uses a unique system to keep expenses low. For example, if persion "A" at 1,500 JPY is outbid by persion "B" at 2,000 JPY, person "B" will only pay for person "A"'s bid +100 JPY , or 1,600 JPY.

The breakdown is as follows:

Winning bid = 1 JPY - 1,000 JPY original bid +10 JPY
1,000 JPY - 5,000 JPY +100 JPY
5,000 JPY - 10,000 JPY +250 JPY
10,000 JPY - 50,000 JPY +500 JPY
50,000 and above +1,000 JPY

Also, if you buy more than one item from the same seller within 24 hours, it is usually possible to request combined shipping of the items to our offices. However, be careful as some sellers do not allow this. The information should appear on the auction page; or you can contact us to make sure.

Some auctions also have a Buy-Out price. If you pay the Buy-Out price, you win immediately and the auction is over.

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