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J-Subculture's Auction Service

We bid as your agent on Japan's most famous auction site, Yahoo Auction Japan!

It couldn't be easier to place your bids through our service! First, create your account with us.
Next, use any of the methods above to find the auction you want. Then, click the Bid button.

The amount of your deposit can cover your bids, and all related shipping and handlings costs. You can increase your deposit immediately, at any time.

While it is not possible to refund your deposit before the end of an auction, if you lose, the deposit will be refunded at your request.

Currently, payment should be made through Paypal. The deposit will then become Japanese yen, so please be careful and consult the exchange rate with your local currency. Because exchange rates vary, it is best to leave a comfortable margin of error!

Why do you need an agent in Japan to bid on Yahoo Auction Japan?

There are many big hurdles involved in bidding on Japanese auctions from overseas.

Japanese Language Ability

It can be difficult to communicate with Yahoo and/or sellers by phone or e-mail unless you speak Japanese. Fluent English (or other language) speakers in Japan are rare, and misunderstandings can easily occur.

Japanese Bank Account

Payments on Yahoo Auction are handled through the Japanese National Post Office, and only Japanese domestic banks accounts can make these transactions. Creating a Japanese bank account from overseas is extremely difficult.

International Shipping Costs

Most sellers refuse to ship overseas, partly because they are wary of the high shipping costs involved, especially with multiple or repeat orders. Our service has plenty of experience shipping overseas, and can do so easily.

Mistaken Orders

As mentioned, mistakes can occur because of the language barrier. While rare, one of the most serious is the case of mistaken orders. Sorting out these complicated disputes can be nearly impossible. Luckily, we can easily communicate with sellers and check your goods before shipment.

Currently, the incidence of late deliveries, additional shipping costs and other problems with international shipment is very high. We can help you avoid any loss of time and money!

Get specific items in your hands quickly!

We can also handle very specific requests in a precise and timely manner. Thinking "I'd like three of those for about 3,000 JPY?" No problem! Our experienced , native Japanese-speaking agents can iron all of that out with the sellers.

Also perfect for business or corporate clients!

Online shops and E-Bay sellers are also discovering the power of Yahoo Auction Japan.

Huge volumes of merchandise are flying off the shelves, and huge sums of money are trading hands. From Japanese antiques to pop culture goods, from very rare items to large stocks of popular items, almost anything can be found at auctions.

If you are a private seller, or are operating or considering operating an import business, trust us to obtain your stock for you.

Illegal goods

Important! Laws and regulations prevent overseas shipments of any of the following:

If a customer accidentally uses our system to bid on these goods, in the event that they win, they will unfortunately have to pay us the full price even though the item cannot be shipped.

This is because we are legally obligated to make this payment to Yahoo.

Food / Drink / Edibles
Knives / Swords / Sharp-edged tools
Makeup / Cosmetics
Plants & Seeds
Explosives (Fireworks / Crackers / Ammunition)
Compressed gases (Butane lighter Fuel/ Diving Tanks / Camping Gas / Butane Gas / Spray)
Flammable Liquids (Oil Lighter / Lighter Fuel/ Paint)
Flammable Substances (Matches / Charcoal)
Oxidizing Substances (Oxygen Generator Chemical/ Peroxides / Bleaching Powder)
Toxic and Infectious Substances (Pesticides / Agricultural Chemicals)
Radioactive Material Corrosives (Wet Battery / Mercury)
Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods (Magnetized Materials / Engines / Lithium Battery)
Cars / Bicycles / Autobikes / Boats / Airplanes Large automotive goods (tires, wheels&etc.)
Houses, apartments, real estate and land.

Furthermore, items heavier than 30kg cannot be shipped via EMS. Even within this limit, please be careful, as the heavier the item, the more expensive the shipping! Items containing lithium batteries cannot be shipped to certain countries.
(For example: Cellular phones, cellular phone games, electric razors, etc.)

Find the items you would like to buy

If you don't know how to search, please check the instructions here.

Find the items you would like to buy

If you don't know how to search, please check the instructions here.