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How to Use J-Subculture's Auction Service

Keyword Search

You can enter search terms in the field at the top of the page. Yahoo! must be searched in Japanese, but our handy translation service offers suggestions for thousands of English terms, as well as titles of famous anime/manga series, games, and names of characters!

1.Keyword Search Field
2.Suggested Japanese keywords w/ English counterparts

Search By Category

From the "Search By Category" button next to the keyword search field, you can manually browse Yahoo! Auction's categories. Everything has been translated into English for your convenience, so no knowledge of Japanese is necessary!

1.Search By Category Button
2.Subcategories. Categories with a green mark contain subcategories.
3.When you're done browsing categories, you can go right back to searching keywords!

Search Using Yahoo! Auction's Own Engine

How to Use Yahoo Auction Japan!

You can also browse and search Yahoo! Auction directly. Please visit the following site: http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/
WARNING: This page is entirely in Japanese.

1.Category selector
2.Keyword search field
3.Search button
4.Subcategories. For searching purposes categories down to the lowest level of subcategory must be selected
5.Advanced search options

If you have found an auction directly through the Yahoo! Auction site, please make a note of the page's URL and Yahoo! Auction ID number.

1.Page URL
2.Yahoo! Auction Japan ID Number
3.Seller name. From here, you can find other items from the same seller.

When You Have Found an Auction You Want to Bid In

Once you've found the auction you want, simply enter the page's URL , ID number and seller/exhibitor ID into our system.

1.Enter information by clicking here
1.Enter ID Number
2.Enter page URL
3.Enter seller ID

How To Bid

Add a Deposit

Before you bid, please make a deposit. Your deposits cover both the cost of your items and shipping, so make sure you have enough. Unused deposits can be refunded through PayPal, so you have nothing to worry about. Deposits can be made [here].

Real-Time Bidding

Using our service, you can place bids in real-time just as if you had a Yahoo! Auction account!

1.Place bids in real-time
2.Please place a high bid. An explanation of high bids can be found [here]
3.Select the bid amount

Snipe Bids

Snipe bids are made automatically within 10-15 minutes of auction closing, avoiding costly bidding wars.

1.Select snipe bid
2.Please place a significantly high bid. An explanation of high bidding can be found [here].
3.Select snipe bid amount

From Winning Bid to Product Arrival

Paying Product Price

As soon as you have won your auction, we contact the seller on your behalf and find out all relevant information such as domestic shipping fees and payment methods. Once we have notified you, please pay the product price, including handling fees, within seven days.

1.Select "Won Unpaid"
2.Click to make payment

Select the Shipping You Want to Pay

You can check off a product to submit a shipping request to our offices. Options for international shipping from our offices to your residence will be listed.
Combined shipping for multiple orders can also be selected.
The international shipping cost will then be calculated based on all products included.
You can make your shipping decision while viewing the various costs for methods and combinations.

1.Select Shipping Request
2.Select the items you wish us to ship, refer to shipping cost
3.Click the Shipping Request button

Make Shipping Payment

Please make your shipping payment as shown below. As soon as we've confirmed it, we'll ship your order!

1.Select Unpaid
2.Select the shipping cost you want to pay
3.Click the payment button

Find the items you would like to buy

If you don't know how to search, please check the instructions here.