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Welcome to J-Subculture Japan Auction!

We're proud to offer access to Yahoo Auction Japan!, Japan's largest and most popular auction service. Over 30,000,000 auctions take place on Yahoo Japan every day, and among them are overseas bidders who win items valued at over $100 on bids of less than $1!

Anime, figures, trading cards, CDs, DVDs, antiques, fashion, accessories, household goods, tickets, idol/talent goods, books and manga...almost any Japanese item you're looking for can be found here!

However, figuring out Yahoo Auction from overseas can be difficult, and a Japanese bank account is also required. That's where we come in! We act on your behalf to place bids exactly as you direct us, and have your items securely delivered straight to your door by the post office. Now you can enjoy Yahoo Auction just as if you lived in Japan!

What We Offer

Bid on just one!

Bid on just one, or many items, from as low as 1 JPY to as high as you want!

Best commission rate!

Our commission is one of lowest in Japan!

Combined Shipping Possible!

Shipping together helps you save big. Available in every case from us to you, and in most cases, from the seller to us.

Sniper Bids!

Optional sniper bids automatically trigger one-time ten minutes before closing, "sniping" your items and keeping bids down.

Dedicated Chat/E-mail Support!

We're always standing ready to answer your every question in native English, German and Spanish. Some French is also supported for. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Please consult with us in the following cases

Searching for deals on rare items

E-bay sellers

E-Commerce owners

Persons running or considering running export businesses

Persons seeking to resell or import items

The flow of our service.

Using our service is very simple. First, you will be provided with a deposit for your own user account. Once you put the money into your deposit, you will be able to use the deposited amount in bidding for an auction.

Generally, all auctions on Yahoo! Auction web site are conducted in Japanese. However, if you use our service, the entire process will be in English.

Once you win an auction, we will handle all further aspects on your behalf. This includes contact with the selling party to arrange for the domestic delivery from the seller's location to our office.

If you would like to purchase multiple items from different auctions with more than one seller, we can store won items for you. Once all the products have arrived at our offices, you may send us your shipping request to bundle the goods you would like to have shipped out and we will dispatch them together. Combined shipping can significantly save you on international shipping fees from Japan to your home.

Should you wish to withdraw your deposit, we can quickly refund you for the remaining amount, upon receiving your request. The amount will be transferred to your payment tool. (PayPal, Credit Card etc.)

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We offer customer support in English, German, Spanish, and Japanese! Some French also suppoerted.

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