About J-Subculture's Commission

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About J-Subculture's Commission


Payment Methods

Currently, payment can be made by PayPal or Credit Card. Existing deposits or points in your account can also be used.
*In the case of PayPal or Credit Card, an additional transaction fee of 3.9% the amount +40 JYP applies.
*In the case of existing deposits or points in your account, the transaction fee is 0 JPY.

Total Cost at Time of Purchase

Shipping includes both domestic shipping from the seller to us, and international shipping from us to you.

Domestic Shipping Fee

Domestic shipping fee from the seller to J-Subculture's offices in Fukuoka.

International Shipping Fee

International shipping fee from our offices to your address. We currently offer 5 convenient methods of shipment. Please check our Shipping Costs page for more information.

Currency Exchange

All domestic business is transacted in Japanese yen, and the price in your currency will vary based on current exhange rates. We do not conduct domestic transactions in any other currency at this time.

Caution: Payment Details

Please pay the item cost within 3 days of making a winning bid.
If a payment is not made within 3 days, it will be automatically deducted from your deposits.

We will store items on your behalf for a maximum of 45 days.
For every day past the 45th, a storage fee will incur, so please be careful.
Items not shipped after 90 days will be discarded. Note that we are unable to offer a refund in such cases.

Example Total Price Chart

*If you lost your auction, you don't have to pay!

  Example(JPY) Pricing
Won items price 5,000JPY  
Commission 0JPY 100JPY   0 JPY *Discount!
Handling fee(Bank fee) 172JPY Rates may vary.
172JPY[other banks] from 1JPY to 29,999JPY
270JPY[other banks] from 30,000JPY
302JPY[Japan post bank]
COD (Cash On Delivery) 0JPY Rates may vary.
Local delivery fee from seller to J-Subculture 250JPY Rates may vary.
Transaction Fee 251JPY 3.9% + 40JPY

  Example(JPY) Pricing
Shipping Commission 0JPY 100JPY   0 JPY *Discount!
International shipping 1,100JPY *claim of actual expenses.
International mailing charges list
Transaction Fee 83JPY 3.9% + 40JPY